December 31, 2014

Disney's Princess Makeover

Sept 26, 2013. Every girl dreams to be a princess -- and for our daughter's 7th birthday, she got to be one, in the happiest place on earth, amidst other princesses and fairytale characters. It was a truly magical celebration fit for royalty.

Our day started early as we catch the 5:00am flight to Hong Kong. We have a jam-packed day ahead of us and we are running on a really tight schedule.  

Thanks to beloved fairy godmother -- we landed at exactly 7:40am at the Hong Kong International Airport. We rushed out and get a cab quickly to make it in time for our 9:00am appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. 

Where the magic happens.

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is located inside Disneyland Hotel. The salon is just mesmerizing, it feels like we're stepping in a beauty salon for royals.  As soon as we have confirmed our appointment, my daughter was ushered in one of the salon seats and the "fairies" started doing their magic.

The Princess Make-Over costs about HKD600 and includes make-up, hair styling, nail polish, a Princess sash and of course a tiara! They also have princess gowns for sale to complete the look. We bought our own gown for our daughter  so we just opted for the make-over. 

I first learned of the Princess Make-Over when we visited Disneyland Florida way back. "I" wanted to try it soooo badly then. The thing is, it's only for kids 12 years old and below. Maybe Disney should have something for the 'kids at heart' as well.

After about an hour our Princess is ready! 

After the make-over, there's a photo session that lasted for about half an hour. The photographer who worked with our daughter was really good. He knows how to  make her do the silly and adorable poses that was one for the books.

After just a few minutes, we were shown a huge stack of adorable, stunning, mesmerising photos -- in a photobook similar to those you get during weddings. The pictures are all gorgeous to say the least. I'd say Disneyland do know how to work their magic. You would want to buy ALL the photos and the photobook -- until you're shown the price that is.

A single print costs HKD130 and the photobook costs HKD1600! I know it's insanely expensive for photos, but I would have bought them all still :). Good thing hubby was there to remind me to be reasonable. So I asked the staff to hold on to the photos until the next morning so I can think it over on which ones to get.

It's a habit of mine that when deciding whether to get a big ticket item, I usually let it sit for a night. If I still think it's a good deal the next morning, then it's a good deal.

Ok, so after thinking about it long and hard -- I still wanted to buy all the photos! But since I don't want to start a fight with the hubby, I settled for 4 photos and we'll just have a photobook printed when we get home using the photos we got from hubby's camera. Problem solved!

After the make-over, we headed straight to Disneyland Park where our dear little Princess was indeed treated like royalty. Then, to cap off our little Princess's big day, we had dinner with the Disney characters at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant. More posts on this (hopefully) coming soon!

Some things that might help:

1. Set an appointment. I called months in advance to reserve a slot. You wouldn't want to spoil the fun by building up the excitement in your kid only to arrive at a fully-booked salon. You can also make dining reservations at the Enchanted Garden for a character meal and order a birthday cake in advance.

2. Bring your own dress. Your child will be wearing it the entire day, so best if it's something she already owns and you know that she'll be comfortable sashaying in it all day. It's a LOT cheaper this way too.

3. Prepare your budget. The experience is already memorable in itself, but you might want to plan ahead if you'll opt to get the photos. This way you won't  get caught off-guard and spoil your vacation budget.

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