February 28, 2015

South Korea - Trick Eye Museum

November 29, 2014. Welcome to the world of Trompe-l'oeil or Trick Eye! 

The Trick Eye Museum in the University-district of Hongdae is our first stop for this trip. We took the subway to Hongik University Station and asked our way around. Yes, we managed to find the place asking directions from people who hardly speak any English. Shows just how much helpful Koreans are (they'll literally go out of their way to help) and just how popular this attraction is.

The museum is located at the lower ground floor of the building, and on our way down, we saw The Love Museum. 

You've been warned!

It's strictly for 18 years old and above and given the poster at the entrance, I don't think it's an attraction you'd want to visit with your kids or your parents (check the info graphic!).

Now back to the family-friendly, General Patronage-rated Trick Eye Museum. It's basically a 3D art museum where using perspective, light and shadow tricks, you become part of the artwork. 

To maximize the illusion, it's better to shoot without a flash. Also, there are marked "Photo Lines" or "Photo Points" where you should take the pictures. Lastly, you have to work it like a pro! Acting skills are required to get the most out of the pictures.

Luckily, the kids are so game that we were able to take tons of photos, and we had so much fun doing our silly poses. 

This attraction is a definite must for families visiting Seoul. My kids had a blast and I love all the photos that we took. The fee though, is a little pricey but it covers entrance to both the Trick Eye Museum and the Ice Museum. Unfortunately, due to time constraint, we decided to skip the Ice Museum and head out to check the shops and restaurants in the area instead.

Don't forget to visit their website to get a discount voucher, or you can check tourist handbooks for discount coupons.

Trick Eye Museum
20 Hongik-ro-3-gil
Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-838 Korea
Phone: +82 2 3144 7748
Email: trickeye@trickeye.com
Website: www. trickeye.com